Revisiting Your New Year’s Resolutions


We are officially two weeks into January which means those of us who made new year’s resolutions are two weeks closer to achieving our goals.  However, for many this is the point in which the momentum to change may have faded.  If you have abandoned your new year’s resolutions or just feel less motivated, you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself. Many of the goals we set for ourselves in the new year tend to be far-fetched and unrealistic.  To be more specific I mean that maybe your goal to eat seven vegetables a day and drink eight glasses of water was too drastic of a jump from the lifestyle you led last year. In order to make a lasting change especially in terms of your lifestyle, it is important to make your goals specificrealistic, measurable, and achievable.  With that being said below I have listed my 10 tips to help you achieve your new year’s resolutions. Best of luck ♥

  1. Prepare for the change– Before taking on a lifestyle change not only do we need to prepare our physical tools  (ex. workout clothes, weights, gym membership), but we also need to prepare our minds. Our mindset helps to determine whether we succeed or fail because it influences our willingness to do something or not.  Regardless of what your new year’s resolution is, go into it with a positive attitude and the results will speak for themselves.
  2. Define your reason- Without motivation, there really is no drive to do anything, regardless of the activity. If you are attempting to get your health on the right track it is important to understand why you are making this change in the first place. Finding a source of motivation is key to help you jump-start a new behavior.
  3. Break down your goal into smaller steps- If one of your goals was to go to the gym every single day for the next 5 months maybe try making it a weekly goal to increase going to the gym every week. For example, in the first week, go to the gym at least once. Then in the second week go two days a week and then as time goes on increase the times per week by one day. Before you know it you will make it a part of your routine and it won’t feel like such a drag.
  4. Be specific on the steps you need to take- This one goes hand in hand with the previous tip because in order for your goals to transform into daily habits you need to get specific on the steps you will take to get to where you want to be.  If one of your goals is to take more time for yourself make a list of activities you would like to do (ex. taking a walk, drawing, watching the sunset, etc.)
  5. Create a timeline- Another reason why so many people end up ditching their new year’s resolutions is that they don’t have a set time for which they want to see results. In other words, if you don’t have a deadline to do something then it really won’t be much of a priority. Make your health and wellness a priority by keeping tabs on them on a calendar, you’ll be happy you did.
  6. Get a “wellness partner”- Change is more manageable if you feel like you’re not doing it all alone. Encourage a friend, coworker, or family member to join you on your journey to help keep you on track. One of the best motivators is social support. By getting your loved ones involved not only will you be helping them live a healthier lifestyle, but you’ll also be able to keep your own goals in check. Having someone to hold you accountable for your actions really makes a difference.
  7. Chart your progress- Regardless of what your goal is it is important to keep track of the progress you have made. Keeping track of your progress not only helps to ensure you are headed in the right direction but also helps to motivate you to keep going. If it means taking weekly pictures of yourself to see how your body is changing, do it! By tracking your progress you will gain self-confidence in seeing how far you have come from where you started.
  8. Be realistic and DO NOT compare- There is nothing more discouraging than comparing your progress to someone else’s final destination because it is not only unfair to yourself, but also to the person you are comparing to. That other person may have put in months or years of training/self-discipline to get to where they are. Do not undercut your work or theirs by scrolling through page after page. Swiping your thumb won’t get you any closer to where you want to be.
  9. Treat yourself (occasionally)- Being overly strict on yourself is another surefire way to discourage lifestyle changes. If you want to keep up the healthy lifestyle moderation is key. After you’ve completed a hard workout it is completely okay to treat yourself to a piece of your favorite chocolate. Or after eating that serving of greens for lunch go ahead and treat your body to a few chocolate-covered strawberries. Treating yourself occasionally is essential to achieving balance in your life and is a form of practicing self-love.
  10. Failure in perfection- In a perfect world, we would eat our servings of fruits and vegetables each day, workout, and get enough water and sleep. But like I said, that would be in a perfect world. Life doesn’t always go according to plan and that is perfectly okay. If you fall off track, pick yourself back up and try again for the next meal.  One indulgence will not define the day as a failure but instead will present another opportunity to do better for the next meal.

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