Peach Tea

As a kid, I was never really into drinking sodas or very sugary drinks. I was that strange little kid that preferred juice or water over soda and would choose a Snapple peach tea any day over a coke or sprite. I used to love Snapple peach tea as a kid and even into my early adulthood and the only thing that made me ease up on it was learning about how much extra sugar was in it. Recently with the weather being so hot, I decided I would try to recreate that much loved Snapple peach tea on my own while also taking advantage of the fresh peaches in season. After several attempts, I finally landed on this one which I can happily say is just as delicious if not better than the Snapple version. Although I did utilize sugar in this recipe, most of it comes from the peaches themselves. By blending the peaches and keeping the skin on, I was able to preserve some of the fiber as well. This recipe is entirely customizable and you can add as much or as little of the peach simple syrup as you like. Although, I would highly recommend you serve it as I have outlined because I know for a fact that as is it is a winner. Over the last few days I have made this 3 or 4 times because we have been going through it that fast. Whether you’re tired of just drinking water or looking for ways to utilize those delicious summer recipes, I think you will find that this recipe will exceed your expectations. Feel free to scroll to the bottom of the page for the nutrition breakdown.


  • 6 fresh peaches chopped
  • 64 fl oz. unsweetened black tea (8 cups or 800 mL)
  • 12 oz filtered water ( 1 1/2 cups or 250 mL)
  • 3/4 cup granulated sugar


Remove the pit from the peaches and chop them into bite sized pieces while leaving the skin on.

Add the peaches into a medium saucepan along with sugar and water. Be sure to give the peaches an initial mix to ensure the sugar doesn’t stick to the bottom and burn.

Place the saucepan on the stove on medium heat and allow the mixture to come to a gentle simmer.

Once the peaches begin to simmer, lower the heat to medium low and allow to cook down for 15 minutes.

After the peaches have cooked down they should resemble a jam consistency. Allow the mixture to come to room temperature for about 20-25 minutes before proceeding to the next step.

Once the mixture is cool enough to handle, using a spoon gently crush the peaches to further release the juices. At this point, pour the peach simple syrup into a blender and blend until smooth.

From this point, pour the blended peach simple syrup through a fine mesh strainer, I will link the one I used here.

Now, pour 64 fluid ounces (8 cups) of unsweetened black tea into a clean pitcher and follow up with the strained peach simple syrup.

Stir to combine and for garnish add some fresh peach slices into the mix. Serve with lots of ice for a refreshing and delicious summer drink!

As always, I hope you give this recipe a try for yourself and if you do, be sure to tag @lifeatthemesa on Instagram so we can see how it turns out for you. Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog and I will be back soon with another delicious and nutritious recipe!


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